Friday, April 13, 2012


Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland - Emporium have just released "From Another Planet - The Best Of Emporium (1998-2011)", a compilation of songs by the Scottish combo containing 17 tracks. The band has gained a great reputation in the United Kingdom (also covered in world-famous publications such as the NME) because of their very unique sound formula: beat pop (think The Small Faces and Beach Boys) with a psychedelic twist and very interesting arrangements. Since the very first opening notes, the listener is brought hand in hand into a journey through the songs - the tunes build a very peculiar and dreamy landscape with a very unique vibe that fascinates and intrigues greatly. Although the band proclaims 60s influences, an 80s touch is also intelligible, while a more modern approach to melody is part of the picture too, infusing the music with great personality. A superb testimony of over 14 years of music! Listen to the album: Band webpage:

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