Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Absolutely Amazing Non-metallic TruFlavorWare Eating Utensils (Flatware)

As Seen on TV – TruFlavorWare flatware “Simply makes Food taste Better!”

By Don Ladanyi, B.S.E., J.D.  

Every day, millions of people go through the motions of eating a nice, home-cooked meal but are not enjoying their food as much as they think they should.  Most people then add creamy, artery-clogging butter to their vegetables, heaps of high-calorie dressings to their salads, or thick, fatty sauces to their meats in hopes that they can find the great flavors that they, almost instinctively, seek. 

Unfortunately, however, what most people don't realize is that part of why many foods taste so bland and lack strong, natural flavors is not because there are cooked improperly, but rather because of how we are eating them.

The vast majority of American and Western civilization people eat their foods with metal forks, spoons and knives since that's how we have been brought up since childhood. But little do we know that these pieces of silverware are actually doing much more than just keeping our fingers clean.  Metal utensils actually change the pure-taste flavors of food and radically so!  If you've ever licked an empty metal spoon or smelled a warm plastic utensil, then you know that silverware is far from tasteless. But since we've all been using it our whole lives, we never give it a second thought. Do we?
For people who want to experience the truest, most flavorful food they've ever had, and all without thick, fatty sauces or excessive salt, it's time to try TruFlavorWare.  Non-metallic TruFlavorWare was designed and made out of a proprietary material guaranteed to never have any taste or smell.  That means when you're eating your meal, you're getting ONLY the pure, natural, unadulterated and SAFE flavors that nature put into your foods.  No more faint metallic taste, chemical odors or bland flavor from using metal or plastic utensils.  No more constantly trying to tweak your recipes or attempting to get more flavors out of them with salt and pepper cover-ups.  Simply enjoy the pure, natural flavors as Nature intended them to be.
Recently, there is a big movement with top restaurants and millions of regular, health-conscious people starting to consider much more carefully, exactly what chemicals and impurities we are putting into our bodies while still having some of the best tasting food in the world. (Please see http://www.farmtotableflatware.com).  That's an excellent start, but what's the point if we're constantly getting unnatural tastes along with our food?  If you're looking for the most natural, chemical-free way to eat any food, there is really no alternative to using TruFlavorWare for ALL your meals.
Unlike many other kitchen utensils, TruFlavorWare won't start to break down over time causing different metals to be put into the food you eat, or worse yet, plastics and other potentially harmful chemicals. And, most surprisingly, TruFlavorWare has the same substantial weight, feel, strength and durability of metal flatware!  These incredible TruFlavorWare utensils are made to be able to last a lifetime, are dishwasher safe and won't ever get porous like some wooden options do, allowing bacteria and other unhealthy items to take hold.  There are indeed significant health benefits to using these proven safe utensils.  TruFlavorWare’s revolutionary material has even been FDA certified as safe for use with food, so there's never a need to worry anymore!

While the health benefits are great and their long lifespan is wonderful, the thing you'll appreciate most about TruFlavorWare is the taste!  Most people are shocked at how things, which they formerly thought were bland and boring, are now full of flavor like even raw, natural lettuce.  Now, each food item you eat will have a new, stronger, and more natural taste which we're sure you'll love and appreciate over and over again.

Please see http://www.truflavorware.com for more detailed information and product purchasing options on TruFlavorWare, the amazing food utensils that “Simply make food taste Better!”

Also, for those of you who know someone suffering from dysgeusia, a constant “metallic taste” brought on by chemotherapy, then please see http://www.dysgeusia.net for how TruFlavorWare flatware utensils may be of significant benefit.    


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