Thursday, January 16, 2014

Siberian Huskies

We are excited to announce 2 up coming litters of puppies. Having a husky for sale is exciting and we can't wait to see the new baby puppies. Our first sib Jordan is grey with black and white and has a medium length coat. She also has an unusual black mask on her face. She will have some beautiful black and white puppies.

Amber will have a littler of puppies about 3 weeks later. We expect them to be born sometime in late March to early April of 2014. Amber is grey and white and really has that wolfish look to her. She has medium length hair as well. She should have grey and white as well as black and white adorable puppies. We can't wait to see them all! If you're looking for a husky puppy for sale just be sure to stop by our website and see us.

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