Sunday, April 10, 2011

Zoobles Games

Zoobles games have small balls with small creatures inside them. The creatures inside the Zoobles games are adorable and cute! When the Zoobles are kept in a magnetic spot, the ball will pop and reveal the cute toys they are hiding. Zoobles are ideal for young girls and young children in general. The appropriate age to present a child with a Zoobles gift set is between 4 and 7. Children can collect a variety of characters as they like. You can also include the complete Zoobles play set that has small mysterious balls. These balls come with colorful creatures inside them. Your children can learn to play on the fictitious Isle of Zooble. The Happitats living on this isle are namely Azoozia, Petagonia and Seagoina. Pet Zoobles reside on Petagonia similarly to that of kittens, puppies, birds and mice.

Azoozia is inhabited with wild creatures such as koalas, elephants and giraffes. Seagonia is filled with sea creatures including whales, octopus and crab seahorses. Treehouse play set is another Zoobles toy, where your Zoobles can live in the ice cave or tree. Parents have an endless choice when it comes to Zoobles games, and can select the gift set they think is most suitable for their child. Parents can buy a variety of Zoobles games sets and collect all the characters separately. Zoobles toys can be stored on a rest nest, when your children are not playing with them. A rest nest is an ideal storage unit, which your child can carry along wherever he or she goes. This means that your children can take their Zoobles games anywhere they go.

Zoobles games are ideal indoor activities, so you don’t have to worry about your child hurting themselves by playing outside. Playing with Zoobles does not require physical activity, which makes them ideal for little girls. Playing with Zoobles will allow your child to let their imagination go wild. Your child can make up stories about living on the Isle of Zoobles. This toy is a great way for your child to enhance their imagination!

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