Friday, April 1, 2011

Bridal shower favors

Bridal showers are fun and have a girly atmosphere. Bridal shower favors should follow a similar theme. This is a great way for your guests to remember your bridal shower as an enjoyable event before the wedding. Your shower favor does not just have to be a reminder, instead it can compliment the theme. For instance, you can buy matching shower decorations, invitations and bridal shower favors to seem like it was a coordinated occasion.

For a lingerie themed party, bridal shower favors can be in the form of bodice shaped sachets filled with potpourri or bath salts or even candies. These are sweet sachets and a real keepsake for your party girls. There are other wedding favors such as wedding cakes, bridal dress sachets, miniature handbags and mini beaded purses. In case you are throwing a bridal shower in the garden, you can organize Victorian organza sachets tied with ribbon and silk roses to remind of an old fashioned romance to your guests.

The bride is usually spoiled at her bridal shower party. You can give back some of the pampering you will receive to your guests, mostly to the women. For instance, you can give back little lotion bottles, makeup kits, personalized lip butters and bubble baths as a thoughtful payback. Nail polish, small vial of perfume, soap favors and manicure kits are all bridal shower favors you can include in your list. Other bridal shower favors include personalized candles in floral smells or lovely fruity smells.

If your bridal shower is going to be a proper and prim tea party, you can use tea coasters, tea infusers, heart shaped sugars, and tea blends available in marriage themed tins. Personalized mini cakes and bee mine honey jars are also perfect bridal shower favors to accompany the tea table. All you need to do is to put some thought and imagination in the bridal shower favors, to ensure your guests have a truly unforgettable and fun experience. The nicest way to express your thanks is by returning the favor!

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