Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SEO Norway- Powerful Web Promotion Tactics

Organic back link building creates more traffic to your webpage. The increase of targeted traffic to your money website will increase sales. Many website owners think of finding ways to get more visitors to their sites. Although generating more visitors, may improve your site’s ranking, but it does not necessarily means that you are going to make sales! This is why many marketers fail in Google Adwords campaigns, because they get traffic to their sites and pay more money than generating revenue. This is why Google Adwords may not be the best option for everyone.

Back link building methods increase your online visibility on the search engines. You need to apply the best keywords and key phrases that have certain amount of traffic per month. Long tail key phrases are the best ones. Because when a user writes his or her search query on search engines, they usually use long tail key phrases and if your site appears on top 3 positions, then you may get a targeted sale.

There are many methods to generate such as: article writing and distribution, distributing RSS to RSS directories, video promotion, podcasting, press release distribution, link wheel, submitting images on search engines, adding your social media sites on social media directories and social media optimization.

Some web masters apply black hat tools in order to increase their back links and ranking. If black hat techniques are useless, why do some people apply these tools? Because in many cases certain black hat do work on some search engines such as Yahoo and Bing.

The reason is that these black hat software programs are designed to increase ranking on Yahoo and Bing. This is why when bunch of data entry freelancers work on someone’s project, they usually use software that generate results on Yahoo and Bing faster than Google.

Sometimes some of my customers ask me to help them with the new competitor issue, when I check these competitors back links and trace their ranking; it is easy to track the black hat techniques. The reason is that I am able to trace various black hat software patterns.

This is why when one checks and tracks ranking of a totally brand new domain on top 3 positions, it is easy to spot the use of black hat technique. In my option Yahoo and Bing should improve their algorithms.Many black hat users are abusing these search engines for spamming.

The main reason which made Google to be one of the top search engines on the planet is that Google’s Algorithm is almost perfect, especially with the latest changes in Google Panda. I also admire Yandex's pattern.

If you use a couple of black hat software to boost your ranking, your site may appear on higher position (not the top but higher position), then Google slaps your site way back on the queue. This is how a part of Google’s algorithm works. In fact Google has applied more than 200 different commands in their Algorithm which makes it very difficult for some sites to rank higher.

Certain websites especially online stores apply certain content management systems which are not well optimized for the search engines and do not help their sites with getting higher ranking for their keywords and key phrases. There are some other problems such as: applying the wrong keywords which do not generate targeted sales or using the wrong back link methods. Some webmasters increase ranking ratio in their sitemap, this will not help in 2011 either. So as you see the issue may come from on site problems and off site.

Each single search engine optimization factor should be implemented correctly in order to get higher ranking.

If you need white hat SEO programmers to work on your search engine optimization project, give SEO Norway a try. We are involved in link building, social media optimization and brand recognition.

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