Thursday, March 3, 2011

Graffiti for sale

The first roots of graffiti appeared in the 60s in Philadelphia. A few young boys began tagging walls and buildings with corn bread. Everywhere you looked, there seemed to be corn bread overtaking each wall or building. These boys even went on to decorate trains with their signature graffiti corn bread. This radical form of expression came to the attention of the local press. Soon thereafter, the rest of the community caught on, and you could see graffiti for sale everywhere.

From the streets of Philadelphia, the graffiti movement made its way into Manhattan. But it was only in 1971 that a young graffiti artist became recognized by the New York Times. He was capturing the attention of everyone, by tagging his name all across the city. His day job took him all over the city and he took full advantage of it. This young man began tagging his name on trains, walls, cars and windows. He was the first person to be officially recognized as a graffiti artist. His fame allowed others just like him to put on graffiti art for sale all across the streets of New York.

Graffiti soon became a phenomenon for young kids to tag their names on walls and buildings as a form of expression. They used spray paints, graffiti markers and anything else that was useful to painting the streets. Soon, graffiti artists began pitting themselves against each other, and this art took on a competitive edge. After a while, these young artists began sneaking into train yards and painting on trains in order not to get caught in broad daylight. They created detailed graffiti art known as bombs, which exist even today. This led to much protesting by the community.

The art of graffiti didn’t just stay in these two cities, it captured the attention of the world soon after from one continent to another. Today, the art of graffiti is an established form of expression, with each city and country containing its own unique style.

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