Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What Is Chicago Boot Camp Like?

Are you carrying an extra 10 to 30 pounds you’d like to part with? Do you have a desire to drop several dress sizes? Are you looking to sculpt your body to look more attractive come swim suit season? Does exercising generally bore you? Would you like to protect yourself from disease and age more gracefully? Could you use a little professional expertise and motivation to squeeze in more consistent workouts? It sounds like you are the perfect candidate for a chicago gym.
Don’t let the name scare you…
A Chicago boot camp is by no means demeaning or impossible. The term “boot camp” is used to indicate that you’ll be participating in a conditioning program that will facilitate a lifestyle change toward being healthier overall. You’ll do a few stereotypical military-style exercises like push-ups and obstacle courses, but no two workouts will be exactly the same and your instructor will be overwhelmingly positive (meaning no “drop and give me twenty” orders).
You’ll notice boot camps are everywhere…
Boot camps have been featured on Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz. Celebrities like Cameron Diaz and Courtney Cox espouse the value of training in a program like the Chitown Chicago personal trainer offers. Unlike bogus supplements and shakes, the hype surrounding boot camps is based on science. Using interval training, people are able to shed more fat and condition their bodies more effectively.
A Chicago boot camp can be addictive…
Many people who never cared for working out before are genuinely surprised to find that a Chicago boot camp is actually fun! They enjoy interacting with instructors and other participants. They like the music and the variety of the routines, which are also conveniently easy-to-follow. Many workouts combine agility exercises, kickboxing moves and yoga-style stretches.
The proof is in the pudding…
By and large, what people like most about a chicago personal trainer is the results they see within the first one or two months of sticking to the schedule. In a short hour per session, loads of calories are burned. When combined with the custom meal plans given out, truly amazing results occur. Most boot camp participants lose 20 – 40 pounds within three months.
A Chicago boot camp is for everyone…
Boot camps attract all different types of people. Some are former military or athletes. Others are women looking to lose baby weight or the 65+ crowd who wants to manage physical conditions and age gracefully.

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